Terrelle Pryor Knocks Over Sideline Official, Offers No Apology, Has Tattoos

09.08.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


Terrelle Pryor, default starting QB for the Raiders showed us all just how little he respected the people who work so hard 2 make this NFL game enjoyable for fans when he technically asssaulted a sideline reporter and didnt offer him a handup a friendly smile or even a autograph’s he’ll give to anyone with a sterile needle and a barb wire template.

This poor guys old enough to be Pryor’s dads boss,, just standing on the sideline doing his job holding a clipboard filled with notes about thing’s. What Terrelle Prior doesnt even understand is that he’s only famous because of sideline guys like ol’ Ronnie Sidelines and his famous notebook that make Terrell Pryor famous.

Im on record Im calling for Goodell to say “enough is enough” and start handing down suspension’s for bowling over one of your coworkers. If you did that in any other workplace in America youd be subject to a drugtest and getting moved back to inventory for a week folks. Disrespect of sideline officials is a epidemic in todayses greedy player NFL, some notorious offenders include De’Sean Jackson, Julio Jones, Cordarelle Patterson probably and others. Theyre known among league circles to be “sideline hawks” almost like they really enjoy taking these guys out. Its a cowardly move since whether your a guy holding a big satelitte dish or bright orange mittens, you cant defense yourself when these guys who act about as old as their jersey number come bearing down on you.

The funniest part by far was the real veteran move that Robert Mathis pulled comeing over and offering a helping hand up and showing Pryor what a NFL caliber human being does. The Colts know a little about class haveing worked with Bruce Arians last year so you have to take your hat off to him. Don’t be suprised if the Colts rally behind their sideline official and win one and have ol Andy Luck hand him the game ball folks.

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