The Texans Passed On Peyton Manning

12.19.13 4 years ago 26 Comments


The Houston Texans are the worst team in the NFL following back-to-back seasons of reaching the second round of the playoffs. They’ve fired their head coach. And this Sunday, they welcome the Denver Broncos, the top seed in the AFC, to Reliant Stadium for what will surely be a pleasant experience for Houston fans.

What’s that? We can throw more salt on the wound? Okay, here goes – now there’s a report that the Texans were Peyton Manning’s first choice of team to sign with during the 2012 off-season but the Texans opted not to pursue him because the front office thought the team was already set at quarterback.

“Spencer Tillman works with Archie (Manning) in New York on CBS on the weekends,” Allen said on SportsRadio 610. “When Peyton became free and clear Archie told Spencer that Houston was his first choice.”

On the Broncos weekly conference call with local media, Manning tap danced around which specific teams he was interested in during the 2012 offseason.

“Certainly I was kind of wide open to the whole process. It just all happened so fast.” Manning said. “I was kind of curious as to what teams were interested in me and once I found those teams out, those are the kinds of teams that I ended up talking to.”

When asked directly by SportsRadio 610 if the Texans ever contacted him he denied it.

“They did not.” Manning said.

According to Allen’s interview with SportsRadio 610 the interest between Manning and the Texans may not have been mutual. Bob McNair’s public comments from that time period seem to echo that sentiment.

“We’ve got a quarterback (Matt Schaub) that we think is sound. We think his foot is going to be fine. He’s got a great arm and he can take us to a championship.” Texans Owner Bob McNair said on SportsRadio 610 in March of 2012. “(Manning) says he’s 80-85 percent healthy but you don’t know if he will get to 100 percent. There’s a lot of risk (other teams are) taking because they can’t work him out.”

Sure, you could argue that hindsight makes the decision look worse. At the time, Schaub was coming off a pretty good 2011 season in which his quarterback rating was roughly 20 points higher than it is in the disaster that is 2013. And Peyton’s health was far from a sure thing.

But who said we were being fair? Ha ha, Texans, you banked on Matt Schaub when you could have had Peyton Manning.

Oh, and what’s this?

That means, yes, Matt Schaub will be starting on Sunday in Houston for the first time since Week 6. I’m sure he’ll be received warmly.

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