Thanks San Diego, Now I Have to Root for the Ravens

01.11.09 9 years ago 139 Comments

Well, that sucked.  Next week’s winner of the Ravens-Steelers AFC Championship (guhhhhhh) will be your Super Bowl XLIII champion.  AND we lost our Marmalard character in the process.  Fuck.

I was at a bar for the game today, and there were two Steelers fans in the bar.  How did I know they were Steelers fans?  Why, they were the only people wearing jerseys (Ward, Bettis).  And they yelled at the TV twice as loud as anyone else.  You could tell they were serious fans because when they cheered for a good play, they clapped for an extra four seconds after everyone else had stopped making any noise.  YEAH!  STEELER NATION BABY!  WE’RE NOT HAVING FUN UNLESS WE’RE RUINING YOUR GAME EXPERIENCE!

Help us, Joe Flacco.  You’re our only hope.

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