That’s Cute – McNabb Thinks He’s Not Done

06.29.12 6 years ago 27 Comments

The Donovan McNabb 2012 self-aggrandizement tour presses on. Previously, McNabb let everyone know that RGIII is a bad fit for the Redskins because the Shanahans’ collective ego will inevitably torpedo his career just like it did during McNabb’s underwhelming tenure in Washington.

Now McNabb wants to make it clear that there’s a totally legit-ish 80 to 90 percent chance that one of the teams looking at him, three of them to be exact, more or less, given the margin of error, will definitely pick him up once a couple people get injured. MAYBE.

“I have about three teams that I’m looking at,” McNabb said.

“I think teams are looking at what they have. They’re evaluating their young quarterbacks, their backup situation,” McNabb said. “Obviously, their starters they feel very confident in, but if things were to go wrong in training camp, or maybe the competition isn’t where they need it to be, they’ll obviously pick up the phone and call.”

“Yeah, that’s why they’re not calling me. Too much evaluation going on. I understand. That’s a painstaking process. But once they’re done evaluating and practicing and once a bunch of people get hurt, you’ll see. I’ll have to fight the offers off. Wait, maybe I turned off my phone by accident. That’s why there aren’t any calls. Nope, never mind, it’s on. Well, I do only get three bars here. It’s possible the call just got dropped. Technology is clearly to blame.”

Also, there’s this:

Earlier this offseason, McNabb said that he’d vote for himself if he were a candidate for entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On Thursday night, he said that his father, Sam McNabb, would be his presenter.

Aw… that’s so sad, I almost feel bad about throwing in the trademark FilmDrunk handwank GIF.

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