“The Aaron Hernandez Rap-Sheet Rap”- By Rick Reilly

06.26.13 4 years ago 132 Comments

My names Aaron Hernandez and I’m here to say,

I’ve really run a foul of the Patriot way!

I smashed my cameras and my phone,

Then i had some spanish ladys come and clean my home!

Im looking at a sentence of 25 to life,

I’ll be in higher demand than Rick Reillys wife!

Belichick and Kraft just said goodbye,

Toss Salad doesnt taste as good as Humble Pie!

This poem is a hit go tell your friend,

Im giving new meaning to being a Receiving Tight End!

I swear it wasnt me I’m telling the truth,

Dont lock me up until I’m long in the tooth!

Now all Ive got is 3 hots and a cot,

While I watch Tim Tebow go take my spot!

Ok, ok you win! I must confess,,

Rick Reillys wife looks great in a little black dress!

That’ll be 35 thousand dollars!

-Rick Reilly

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