The Best Moments From Week 10 Sunday

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Week 10 was the week that the Falcons finally went down. It was also the week that Yahoo’s fantasy football program was down nearly all day. Heavens! How did we live? I had to spend most of Sunday only breathlessly watching the progress of my team in the league.

That’s right, Ken Fuchs, beg for my forgiveness, you fucher.

With the exception of the Falcons-Saints game, the early slate was mostly forgettable. Sure, the Bills had a chance to take one from the Patriots at the end, but anyone would had faith that Ryan Fitzpatrick could execute a game-winning two-minute drive deserves the effects the varnish bender they went on after Fitzmagic was intercepted in the end zone. The Rams-49ers tie was the highlight of the day, not only for the tie, but the host of squandered opportunities for a win that led to it. Sadly, the torrential rain that hit Chicago on Sunday night rendered the most hyped game of the weekend into a sloppy turnover fest.

Of course, even if it wasn’t the best weekend in terms of overall game quality doesn’t mean there weren’t a small fortune of standout moments. Let’s have at ’em.

Once the Rams and 49ers closed out overtime still deadlocked, FOX flashed a graphic that it was only the end of the first overtime period. Perhaps FOX has gotten too swept up in broadcasting soccer. Since the Rams were playing, I can’t believe they assumed it was a playoff game.

I think the faces you see after a tie are even better than those you witness after defeat. With defeat, players aren’t thrilled about it, but they’re at least conditioned to the feeling. After a tie, there’s a general WTF feeling of players struggling to process what is going on.

The Baltimore beatdown of the Raiders was only worthy of viewing if you like watching John Harbaugh pull out that fake field goal he likes doing when he feels like running up the score. That and this shirt. Somebody at CBS gettin’ fired for this.

Tony Gonzalez caught the 100th touchdown reception of his career on Sunday, but he couldn’t bring in this pass on 4th and 1 on the game’s final drive. Gonzalez is generally a good guy, but if you think I can’t laugh at good people, I’m saddened that you doubt my capacity for malice.

Wade Phillips talking shit on Twitter: still adorable.


Welp, Eagles fans finally got their wish of Nick Foles playing. Hope you’re happy with what you got. Because the rest of us are.


By now you’ve heard about the car fire in the Linc parking lot during the game yesterday. I’m not saying I found the culprit here, but if there were any meth lab explosions in the area, the police might wanna give this fella and his chestbursting eagle the once over.


Don’t worry, Andy Reid will bring you onto his staff in San Diego.


5Chan is growing out a beard. Because a hacker coach should look like he hasn’t left the house in six months.


The Giants are going through their annual midseason regression, which would be a lot more enjoyable if we weren’t sure they’re gonna get their shit back together someone in January. Still, gonna get our laughs in while we can.

Also, Lawrence Tynes has now played in every NFL stadium. WEIRD!

I blame the jammin’ jerk chicken.

I wish networks always did slow-motion replays of premature snaps. They usually do, but not always. That’s a shame because the quarterback reactions are priceless.

Oh hey, thanks for the Eric Frampton ass. Don’t think Bobby April wanted you to literally fuck the Dallas special teams.


Now that’s much more tasteful posterior display.


Rob Ryan usually puts references to local institutions when the Cowboys play on the road. In Philly, he predictably went with cheesesteaks. I assume he went there after the game demanding a bunch of free shit for the publicity.


This could only be more Boston if they put Bruschi on the back of Red Sox jerseys. And held up a sign counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report.




Appropriate reaction even if this fetustard had a reason to wear a Peyton Colts jersey to the game.

This one-hopper was initially ruled an interception and a touchdown. The best part was that Vikings fans booed when it was inevitably overturned.

Really thought Riley Cooper should have hid in the end zone as his celebration after making this catch. Ah well.

Late in regulation, Sam Bradford hit Steven Jackson on a dumpoff pass on a 3rd and 14. Jackson got the last three yards to convert the first down while trying to fight off Patrick Willis and a bunch of other defenders. I don’t even have a joke for this. It was goddamn awesome.

Faking a punt out of his own end zone, plus successfully faking another punt late in the game means I won’t take a shot at Jeff Fisher for the next two times Peter King says nice things about him because they have the same agent. After that, fair game.

The Broncos must have taunted Cam Newton’s Superman celebration like 100 times yesterday. They may have sacked him that many times, so it’s not like ample opportunities weren’t there.

Oh, and Peyton Manning threw his 420th career touchdown pass yesterday, only further punctuating his brilliant and timely marijuana profiteering.

Yeah, he only did after leaving the game earlier with an injury. I mean, he’s no Riley Cooper or anything, right?

Nacho shared some of his Mexican jumping beans.

Not a lot of highlights from the Sunday night game. J.T. Thomas snagging this squib kick out of the air might have been the most impressive of them.

A question no doubt we’ve all been asking ourselves. The answer: firing up random dudes on the Rams sideline. Keep us posted, Kellen.

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