The Bestest Buds In The NFL

07.01.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

Even though they acquired Anquan Boldin over the off-season, the 49ers are going to need another receiver to step up while Michael Crabtree is sidelined with an Achilles injury for most, if not all, of the 2013 season. Whether receiver Ricardo Lockette wins that competition remains to be seen, but the contest to be Colin Kaepernick’s team BFF has already been settled, with Lockett the undisputed champion of Kaep’s heart since the two met at the 2011 Scouting Combine.

“It’s almost like you go somewhere and you realize someone is your cousin, and since we met we have been inseparable,” Lockette said of Kaepernick while helping out during Saturday’s 8th annual Deion Branch Skills and Drills camp at Albany State University.

They grew even closer last year in San Francisco after Kaepernick offered Lockette a place to live for the remainder of the season. Then earlier this year, Kaepernick and Lockette bought a house together in San Francisco and spent part of the offseason training in Atlanta.

It’s a friendship that has made their on-the-field chemistry even stronger.

“The way he breaks down plays and just working one-on-one with him, it’s made me a different receiver,” Lockette said. “It’s like night and day just learning the playbook from someone you can totally relate to.”

They have learned how to have fun around the house, too.

“We do everything together,” Lockette said. “We have basketball goals around the house and bet each other with those. We play Madden and Call of Duty, but when we aren’t doing that we pop quiz each other about the playbook. I might be in the shower and he might walk by the bathroom and yell, ‘Hey, what do you have on Colorado 750?’ I will tell him a route, but if it’s wrong he will come in and throw something over the shower curtain.”

I know. It’s tempting to make the “so when is Kerry Rhodes moving in?” jokes. But I embrace a bestest friends quarterback-receiver tandem in the NFL. Gives a nice opportunity to yell BUDDYDOWN when they link up for a score. Then it’s only a matter of time until Kaepernick has, like, six tattoos of Lockette and you know that’s bound to make somebody uncomfortable.

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