The Bills Finally Beat The Patriots On The Road After 14 Years, And Also Disprove Peter King’s Non-Prediction Prediction

12.28.14 3 years ago 7 Comments

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So the sad-sack Bills got a sad-sack win over the sad-sack Week 17 version of the Patriots, breaking a sad-sack record of 13 straight losses in New England to the Patriots. Still, it wasn’t enough to break their 15-year playoff drought, because they shat themselves against the Raiders last week. Poetic.

It seems fitting that we revisit Peter King’s decision to lead off his July training camp column about how everything is just so fucking hopeful in Buffalo these days.

One guy called me over to show me the Ralph Wilson tattoo he just had etched on his arm this off-season, in tribute to the late Hall of Fame owner of the team. “E.J. [Manuel]!! I love you!!”

He played 5 games and threw for 838 yards, 5 TDs and 4 turnovers.

Not to be outdone, another fellow yelled to the second-round Alabama tackle, Cyrus Kouandjio, who’d hoped to be a first-round pick last May, “Hey Cyrus! Prove everyone wrong buddy! We’re gonna road-grade people this year!!!”

A healthy inactive at the end of the season.

There was a happy vibe because of music. The Bills, following the lead of the Super Bowl champion Seahawks, played loud tunes—U2, Macklemore, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, House of Pain—for more than half the practice. Coach Doug Marrone’s a fan of practice music, which Seattle’s used in the Carroll era.

As it turns out, it was excellent football players in ADDITION to the music that was key to winning, apparently. Duly noted.

There were other reasons to be excited. Running back Bryce Brown, supposedly a spare part acquired in a trade with Philadelphia, ran like he had rockets in his shoes.

Also a healthy inactive.

Former first-round corner Stephon Gilmore covered like the franchise guy he was drafted to be. New linebacker Brandon Spikes played with passion. “I just wish we had pads on today,’’ he said. “I am so ready.’’

Wanna guess? Yep. He’s inactive. Although he did have a concussion.

I’ve been coming to Bills camp most summers since their decline began. This is a better team than most if not all of the teams the Bills have fielded since their last playoff season, 1999.

Nice prediction, Petey, you idio– BUT WAIT! THERE’S A QUALIFICATION!

It’s a group that can win now if the quarterback plays at a B-plus level. If Manuel’s a C player, Buffalo won’t win. It’s simple.

See! He was right all along by not actually having an opinion! Suck it, haters.

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