The Browns And Cardinals Engaged In An Extremely Sad Twitter Fight

07.23.15 2 years ago 44 Comments
Cardinals v Browns

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When football news gets real slow, we count on goofy off-field stuff to help pick up the slack. Sometimes, though, even the off-field stuff slows to a crawl and we have to bring you the saddest NFL team Twitter fights imaginable. And so it is that the Cleveland Browns and the Arizona Cardinals squared off on social media and everyone came away sadder for having participated.

It started innocently enough with the Browns gazing lovingly at their home stadium.

And so the Cardinals chose to engage them in a cordial manner, merely saying that their team hasn’t visited the stadium in 12 years.

Now here’s where things went wrong. The Browns suddenly decided to get aggressive. Why so on guard, Browns? Is all the reported turmoil in the organization making you extra sensitive to perceived slights from outside? Either way, the Browns account decided to get very braggy about their five-win 2003 squad beating the four-win Cardinals of that year.

Having been needlessly provoked, the Cardinals couldn’t help but respond in kind.

Any use of the Jimmy Haslam cackling GIF is appreciated, though seven playoff games in 12 years is still not that good! Especially when four of them came in one postseason that ultimately ended with Arizona losing the Super Bowl.

Maybe just play nice, you sad sack teams.

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