The Curse Of The Live Blog Will Never Die

11.29.11 6 years ago 16 Comments

I am weak. My weakness is strong. I let my hopes get stoked that the Giants could come into the Marcedes-Benz Maybach Music Superdome and give the Saints a semblance of a game, but it ended up being only slightly less lop-sided than the 62-7 New Orleans blowout of the Fat Humps back in Week 7. Next Sunday, we’ll be forced to live blog the Suh-less Lions against the Saints on SNF just because the alternative is Chargers-Jaguars on Monday night. And Detroit is gonna lose by 40. Such is the live blog.

Gruden is very amused by people on crutches, btw, especially if they’re Sean Payton. In the waning minutes of the blowout, he had some poor production assistant bring him a pair to goof with in the booth. It’s not only visual puns that Gruden is after. He also clumsily described Payton as “up and at ’em” right as the camera cut to Sean on crutches.

Then again, Payton does nothing to discourage this by using the crutches as a celebration prop. In the best of all worlds, we can impale Mike McCarthy on one in the NFC Championship Game.

Lest we forget – Eli had a sad. Many a silly orange ‘stached sad.

The video below was actually my favorite sequence of the night. First, we get a SPROLES NEEDS NO HOLES Seussian rhyme from Gruden. Then, after Gruden proceeds to call Tiny Darren the greatest free agent acquisition of the off-season, Jaws feels the need to smart up the room by suggesting the Texans’ signing of Jonathan Joseph, which draws five seconds of dead air before Tirico is basically forced to be, like, “NO, ASSHOLE”.

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