The Emo Eagles Are Willing to Grant Redemption to Those Who Have Wronged

08.14.09 8 years ago 35 Comments

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I was absolutely rocked, positively blindsided by the news of yesterday evening. I had few words then, and I don’t know if I can muster more now.

Of course, I speak of Samantha’s Tweet on her private feed that she’s on of the outs with Mathias and actually (yes!) regretting jilting me the way she did. Obviously, our mutual friend had to show it to me since she still hasn’t approved my request to view the feed, but I felt incredibly close to her nonetheless.

But what does this mean? It’s an ethical quandary is what. How do you welcome back someone who’s done such obvious wrong? The pain from the time I made my advance at Dave’s pool party and she stood there and laughed belly laughs for an entire minute, to the point that she had to prop herself against a deck chair to keep from doubling over. Is that forgivable sin? I guess a handy analog would be how the Eagles just signed Michael Vick. That was a bit of a shock as well. Here’s someone who was capable of malevolence – bringing death where life had thrived, upon beings of innocence! Still, he has suffered duly for his transgression and he actually managed to lose to the Eagles in an NFC Title Game, so in a way I have fond associations of him!

I am a believer in second chances, be it for heart stompers or dog killers. How could I not be? Certainly no being of perfect rectitude am I. If I am able to behold myself in the mirror, in full knowledge of the deceit that I am capable of and the deceit that I have in fact perpetrated, it would be low of me to judge another.

So who knows? Perhaps one day not far off in the future, we will be welcomed into Samantha’s private feed as a friend (and maybe more) and a troubled quarterback and a beleaguered franchise can find peace and success. But that’s only if we’re willing to give them a chance to earn forgiveness.

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