The Emo Jets Express Their Dismay With The Jose Namath Pick

04.26.09 8 years ago 68 Comments

The J-E-T-S fans in attendance at Radio City Music Hall were mostly buoyant about the team’s selection of Mark Sanchez, though there were some long-haired misty-eyed dissenters in the mix, as the video illustrates.

If Jets fans are known for their defeatism, or maybe outright belligerence, let’s look at these Lions fans, who show exuberance in the face of a horrible pick signed to an even more ghastly contract. That’s what I call getting behind a loser, Jets fans.

I find the card game with family shot far more endearing than the Darrius Heyward-Bey extended family-wide huddle in front of the TV. As a touted draftee, you know you’re getting paid no matter what. You can make up the difference in signing bonuses with a few decent hands against the old man. No reason to sweat it.

Meanwhile, this may skew a little too far toward nonchalance. That or Donald Brown is the only black man in Connecticut.

Lastly, let’s give some love to Drew Magary, who was selected with the 28th pick of the draft by the Buffalo Bills. Good luck up there, buddy. Don’t let T.O. push you around.

And the Matron Saint seems to have taken over for Erin Pageviews (and as soon as I write that she’s spouting some filth-flarn-filth with “Dr.” Bill Cosby) for second day coverage, which bespeaks how the tenor of the second day coverage is a lot more bearble than Saturday’s. So long as you ignore the gushing about the Pats stockpiling 2nd round picks. OW-AH DRAFT STRATEGIES AH MO-AH CALCULATED THAN YO-AH DRAFT STRATEGIES!

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