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09.20.12 5 years ago 23 Comments

Niles Paul is a big fan of Capri Sun. Personally, I was more of a Hi-C Ecto Cooler guy when I was growing up, though I respected Capri Sun’s work, especially when it came to the poor man’s T-1000 special effects in their ads.

But the Redskins tight end can’t have his favorite flavors with him when he comes to practice because teammates be gankin’ his stuff. The marketing division at Capri Sun must have seen his complaints when Paul talked about it with Mrs. Unsilent during training camp. So the folks at Capri sent him a case of their product with the regular straws removed and one specially engraved silver straw for Niles.

On one hand, Capri Sun must have fallen on hard times if their strategy for publicity involves Niles Paul. On the other hand, the gesture should make national news when Eli Manning agrees to tank both games against Washington this year if he can get a personalized juice straw of his own.

— Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris is still driving his 1991 Nissan 626 to work everyday. Such non-glory boy behavior shall earn him countless plaudits from Gregg Easterbrook, unless Morris dances after a first down or something.

— RGIII claims the Rams were playing dirty last Sunday. That’s because they were. As was everyone else. And everyone will continue to do so until the real refs are back. So it doesn’t really accomplish anything to run stories about one player saying another team played dirty.

— We all know Vince Young is nearing bankruptcy, but how did he get there? Dropping $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory isn’t even a start, but is an impressive feat in gluttony. Spencer Hall examines how one would go about running up that kind of tab there.

— With the Patriots struggling, everyone is placing the blame on Josh McDaniels, as they should, because Josh McDaniels does nothing but be the worst and spread SuperAIDS.

— A very Pittsburghish crude jersey, but would be even more Pittsburghish if it said YINZ MOM.

— There will be stadium video tributes to Steve Sabol prior to each of Sunday’s games. Speaking of the work of NFL Films, this week’s NFL Turning Point had this delightful Philip Rivers clip where he’s thanking Kamerion Wimbley for giving him a late hit.

— Turns out the NFL won’t actually be fining Alex Smith for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat to a post-game press conference.

— Russell Wilson has a new commercial for Levi’s, which is pretty much about how Russell Wilson is a good guy who works hard and loves his dad, but is also selling you jeans because there are periodic shots of peoples’ legs.

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