The First Grand Theft Auto IV Hidden Mission

05.05.08 10 years ago 25 Comments

[Liberty City]

Niko: Heeelo, thees ees Niko.

Marvin Harrison:
Niko! Dis’ MarHar! Get your ass down to Brotherly City! I got an assignment for ya. Meet me at mah club!

Niko: But my cousin, he want play darts!

MarHar: You listen a’ me, ya Eurotrashole. You not be having a cousin if ya don’t get down ‘ere.

Niko: I vill come.

Niko: I thought things be better in thees county. I am doing same things as before.


Ah, Niko, my bruddah. I’m having a problem wit one a’ my regulars. Been making trouble wit one a’ my girls. I need you to take care of him. Take dis.

Niko: You don’t think ees little obvious?

MarHar: Nonsense, bruddah! Who gonna tink quiet workmanlike receiver do anyting wrong?

[Shoots target]

Niko: Now to call MarHar.

[Phone rings, surprising Niko, who drops gun]

Niko: Sheeet!

Roman: What wrong cousin? Good time for darts?

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