The Jets Just Morninweged Themselves Out Of A Touchdown

09.14.14 3 years ago 29 Comments


It’s 4th down. Late in the fourth quarter. The Jets are down by seven. They need a big play. Luckily, Geno Smith is up to the occasion. He launches a bomb to the end zone, and Jeremy Kerley makes an incredible catch! Tie game! What a play!

But wait! It doesn’t count! The Jets called timeout just before the snap. Oh Rex, how could you! No wait, Rex didn’t call it. It was….oh, of fucking course, it was Marty Motherfucking Morninweg, the man who once chose to go play defense first in OT – and for you younger fans, that was before the rule change, when all the first team with the ball needed was a field goal to win. Of course he was behind this!

The Jets ended up converting the 4th down anyway, but promptly turned it over on the next set of downs. The Packers then ran the clock out for a 31-24 win. If not for that timeout, we have a tie game, and the Jets may well have pulled out the win.

Now, let’s be clear, Morninweg obviously had no way of knowing the play would go for a touchdown. And really, the refs screwed up worse than anyone, because only the head coach is allowed to call a timeout from the sidelines. But can’t we just ignore all that, and have a good laugh at the expense of the Jerry Gergich of the NFL? After everything that’s happened this week, I think it would be good for all of us.

If I were the ref who gave him the timeout, I’d be trying to start Tom Haverford’s “Jerry’s Fault! Jerry’s Fault!” chant right now.

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