The Johnny Manziel Celebrity Party List Challenge

07.02.14 4 years ago 47 Comments

One of most sacred and glorious traditions happens this week as the Fourth of July lands on a Friday, giving freedom loving Americans their one true love; three day weekends. Inspired by what party magic Johnny Football could create when given extra time off from the grind, we here at KSK would like offer Johnny Manziel a challenge, start knocking some names off the old celebrity party bucket list. Post the image to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr or whatever new hotness starts up over the next few months and we’ll check the deed off as done. 

Some of these names are practically gimmies. If you can’t get a picture with a country star in Cleveland or Texas, you’re not trying hard enough. Some of them are always near cameras while at the club (looking at you, Andrew Sullivan) and all you’ll have to do is wander by their table and photo bomb their shot. Some are a little harder, but we have faith in you, Manziel. Two years ago you said you were a “Bielber” and look! On Monday you were hanging out with the Biebs. Will be so tough to track down The Rock after that? And just to make it a little easier on you, we’ve already filled in some of your recent conquests for you. See? You’re already halfway to success just like there like all rich Texan kids without having to do anything but be yourself.

Now go out there and party like you mean it this weekend. With a mission list and a Drinking Swan, you can do anything, Johnny. 

[ ] Ira Glass
[ ] Eli Manning
[ ] Denzel Washington
[ ] Either half of “Kimya”
[ ] Matthew McConaughey
[ ] Tom Brady AND Gisele Bundchen
[ ] Demi Lovato
[ ] Nicholas Sparks
[ ] Mastodon
[ ] Billy Crystal
[ ] Andrew Sullivan
[ ] Lana Del Rey
[ ] Hillary Clinton
[ ] Pauly Shore
[ ] Luke Bryan
[ ] Pitbull
[ ] Don Rickles
[ ] Maureen Dowd
[ ] Roseanne Barr
[ ] Hugh Hefner
[ ] Jonathan Franzen
[ ] Hootie and the Blowfish
[ ] Dan Harmon
[ ] Ron Jeremy
[ ] Amy Sedaris
[ ] Charlie Sheen
[ ] Chrissy Teigen
[ ] Seth Rogen
[ ] Nicolas Cage
[ ] Selena Gomez
[ ] Aziz Ansari
[ ] PFT Commentator
[ ] Peter Dinklage
[ ] The cast of PITCH PERFECT 2
[ ] Russell Brand
[ ] Russell Crowe
[ ] Common
[ ] Sophia Coppola
[ ] Rob Ford
[ ] David Lee Roth
[ ] Tim McCraw
[ ] Helen Mirren
[ ] Carmelo Anthony
[ ] The Rock
[ ] Spencer Hall
[ ] Björn Borg
[ ] Rihanna
[ ] LeBron James (while seen together, no evidence of partying together)
[X] Justin Bieber
[X] Rob Gronkowski
[X] Drake
[X] Floyd Mayweather
[X] Tyrese
[X] Tyga
[X] Rick Ross

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