The Lions Signed Kickalicious

04.12.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

Last week, Jason Hanson announced his retirement after what must have been 21 grueling seasons playing for the Lions. When a celebrated veteran departs after two-plus decades of service, you can’t replace him with just anyone. Actually, that’s not true. The Lions can sign just about any old busted kicker they want, which is why Detroit brought on David Akers, who very narrowly avoided having his face chewed off by Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers, a few days back.

It’s best not to summarily end your search for a new kicker with David Akers, so Detroit also signed Norwegian trick-shot artist Havard Rugland to compete for the job. Who knows if he’ll end up landing the position, but if the Lions need a ball kicked to a guy sitting in the middle of a lake, they’ve got their man.

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