The Most Joe Flacco Of Inspirational Quotes

09.03.13 4 years ago 38 Comments


With the season opener just days away, the Baltimore Ravens Facebook page posted the above inspirational quote from Joe Flacco. Did I say inspirational? I meant kind of boring and long-winded. But it’s presented as though it’s supposed to be inspiring. Are the Ravens good? Who knows, but they do feel like they’re good, but in a measured way that doesn’t get carried away with the excitement of a new season.

I also enjoy the way the word “underdogs” is in boldface because that’s a word that people usually associate with motivational speeches, even though in this context Flacco is dispelling the notion that the Ravens were underdogs either last year or this year. “We’re generally accepted among the select group of contending teams. Who wants to join me in shocking the world by meeting expectations?”

Get fired up, people. “Our chances are always pretty good” – Joe Flacco. ARE YOU NOT INSPIRED!?

[via reader Jeffrey]

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