The Refs Took Away The Chiefs First Wide Receiver Touchdown of 2014

12.28.14 3 years ago 6 Comments



One of the more hilarious and obscure storylines of the 2014 NFL season is how the Kansas City Chiefs have failed to have a wide receiver score a touchdown all season. It’s not really a knock on them as a team so much a peculiarity in the pass-happy modern NFL.

The last two weeks, however, the Chiefs have gotten very close to finishing the season with at least one wide receiver score. In Week 16 against Pittsburgh, Dwayne Bowe had a pass in his hands in the end zone before it was slapped away by a defensive back.

Bowe got even closer today against the Chargers. Early in the second quarter, Bowe caught a pass inside the San Diego 10 and raced for the end zone, though the ball came loose as he went to the ground. Initially, the refs ruled it a Bowe touchdown, giving the Chiefs their first receiver score of the season.

Upon review, however, the officials determined that the ball was fumbled before Bowe got to the goal line. Naturally, the fumble bounced forward in the end zone to Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce, who got credit for the touchdown. It’s like the universe doesn’t want this to happen.

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