The Seahawks Forgot To Ask Somebody

09.14.14 3 years ago 22 Comments



The Seahawks are thought to be the best team in football but no one said they were unbeatable, especially on the road. The Chargers being the first team to unseat them following their Super Bowl title is a little unexpected, though.

Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates had huge games, making this feel like a throwback to, like, 2007. The announcers made a big deal about the Seahawks being affected by the heat, which was more than considerable reaching temperatures close to 120 degrees on the field. But it’s also possible that Seattle just plain got outplayed. The Seahawks even got a bullshit touchdown awarded to Percy Harvin. Still, even if the weather was a factor. Not like the Seahawks will face that kind of heat again the rest of the season.

Based on the TV broadcast, it seemed like there were more than a few Seahawks fans in Qualcomm Stadium given the audible chants for Seattle during the game. The Chargers fans who were there, however, seemed to have some fun with the visitors.


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