The Undercover Salesman Conceit Doesn’t Really Work With Superstars

07.24.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

Every once in a while, Modell’s takes part in one of those “athlete as undercover salesman” routines for viral video social media synergistic brand marketingkkake. The concept kind of works with minor role players like Danny Woodhead, who are able to fool people who might even be vaguely familiar with him just because his face isn’t plastered on ads and TV non-stop. Obviously, the idea is less effective when the athlete is a superstar like Michael Vick. It also helps not to keep the camera directly in his face while he’s interviewing customers. Kinda gives the whole ruse away. Then again, Vick is there promoting his own clothing line that just debuted and a lot of the people milling around the background appear to be wearing media credentials, so just gonna go ahead and assume this was a pretty well publicized media event.

THAT SAID, I did very much enjoy when Vick tells the old guy, “20 dollars. It’s what we call a dub. It’s a dub, okay?” Uh oh! NAUGHTY DRUG SLANG! Even when conducting business, Ookie can’t help being Ookie.

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