The Wolfman Rob-Sean Payton honeymoon is over

11.30.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Rob Ryan

As we’ve made a point of making frequently on KSK this season, the NFC South is garbage. A dumpster fire. Just awful. The Saints have been having some pretty bad issues on both sides of the ball this season but especially on defense, surprising for a unit that played well above its level last year. And, so, as the team sinks further below .500, so, too must reports of a rift between its leaders surface. A report in this morning’s Times-Picayune highlighted several reports of the alleged growing rift between head coach and defensive coordinator and it seems Payton isn’t finding himself calmed by running his fingers through Ryan’s flowing mane anymore.

Reporter Jason La Canfora said in the report that a change is “inevitable” during the offseason.

NFL reporter Mike Freeman echoed the report, saying sources have told him that the conflict has been “brewing for some time” and is “worse than people know.”

Well, the Saints’ worst-kept secret (at least to anyone who has actually watched the team without having their corneas burned by the awful) is now pretty public thanks to a quarrel captured on the sideline which, in reality, is pretty similar to plenty of other moments this season.

One would like to imagine the following exchanged being barked between the two, but we all know better:

Payton: Why didn’t you order the waffles this morning?
Ryan: I told you, I’m watching my figure! Waffles have carbs!
Payton: But your body needs carbs! Fad diets are stupid!
Ryan: Your face is stupid!
Payton: I still love you!
Ryan: I know!

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