The World Will Look Up and Shout, “Save Us!” And I Will Say HARF!

03.03.09 9 years ago 44 Comments

Quite a 27th birthday bash for Ben Rongrastname. First (purportedly and puffedly) partying it up in Vegas. Then hopping to L.A. for the Watchmen premiere, where he chose to stand for a photo in front of the worst possible poster.

Even though he’s quarterbacked my favorite team to two Super Bowl titles, is it okay for me to hate Ben because he saw this movie before me? (His review: BLUE GUY IS BIGGER THAN BIG BEN!”) Nah, I’ll go with being only six months older than me and already accomplishing more in life than I ever will. DAMN YOU! Also, he’s still with Missy Peregrym apparently.

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