There Are Blogs and They Have Balls (Meast and Least: Week 2)

09.22.11 6 years ago 42 Comments

Before we get to this week’s Meast and Least, I’d like to pimp Blogs with Balls for a moment. Blogs with Balls 4 is this weekend in New York City, and if you’re thuper-theriouth about sports blogging, you should pony up the $150 and watch the very good blogging awards and panels put together by Dany Levy and the guys who run Hugging Harold Reynolds, respectively.

I’m gonna be there. PUNTE’s gonna be there. Old-school first-generation Internet types like Shanoff and Jamie Mottram will be there (that picture’s via Mottram’s Tumblr, btw). Amazingly funny people like Matt Sebek and J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas will be there. And women! The fantastic Amanda Rykoff and the wonderful Maggie Hendricks and Amy K. Nelson of ESPN and Emma Carmichael of Deadspin and Jemele Hill and probably some dudes’ girlfriends, too. There’s an entire panel featuring nine people from Deadspin. Nine! I remember when it was just Leitch. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are also gonna be REAL ACTUAL ATHLETES, plus people from credible publications like SI (Richard Deitsch and Jimmy Traina). I’M GONNA SHAKE TRAINA TIL HE COUGHS UP KATE UPTON’S NUMBER. And then we’re gonna go drink some booze.

Anyway. Buy tickets here. That’s my shilling for the day. Let’s get to the awards.

Awww, son of a bitch. Romo’s the Meast and we hate him for it. Even if the opponent is someone as underwhelming as the 49ers, orchestrating a 4th-quarter comeback and overtime win with a broken rib and punctured lung is undeniably measty. According to STATS, Inc., Romo is the first NFL player to go from Least to Meast in a single week. We can only hope he has another Least performance inside him next week.

As for Week 2’s Least…

LUKE MCCOWN! Check out this line: 6-for-19 for 59 yards, 0 TDs, and 4 INTs — and that wasn’t even a full game! He got benched for rookie Blaine Gabbert, who completed five of six passes for about the same yardage. See you on the practice squad, Luke!

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