This Is Not A John Skelton Post

09.20.12 5 years ago 32 Comments

Darnell Dockett: Ay! Ay, Kobe! Let me talk at you a second.

Kevin Kolb: Kolb.

Dockett: Huh?

Kolb: My last name is Kolb. Pronounced cobb, like corn on the cobb.

Dockett: That right? Aw damn, that’s my bad, Kolb. Hey, I gotta tell you something. I know this Sunday means a lot to you. I heard you a Philly boy. That’s your hometown.

Kolb: I’m not actually from Philadelphia. I grew up in Texas. I just played for the Eagles for a couple of years before I came here.

Dockett: Word?

Kolb: Yeah.

Dockett: For real? I had this whole thing I was gonna say about how much I hate Philly and hate the Eagles. You would have appreciated it.

Kolb: Oh.

Dockett: Boy, it would have fired you up.

Kolb: I mean, we still gotta play them on Sunday. You might as well share it.

Dockett: Nah, it ain’t the same, man. You can’t fake that kind of emotion.

Kolb: I guess not.

Dockett: Anyway, I wanted to let you know that even though you injured, we gotta knock dem Philly boys on they ass. Been too long of people taking us lightly.

Kolb: I’m not injured.

Dockett: What? So they benched you and told the media you was injured? That’s f*cked, man. Just be real with people. That’s my philosophy. I’m real with people and that’s all I expect in return. Anyway, we got you this Sunday, Kolb.

Kolb: I don’t think you understand. I’m not benched and I’m not hurt. I am starting at quarterback on Sunday.

Dockett: Then they benched the other dude?

Kolb: No. He got hurt.

Dockett: When?

Kolb: The first game of the season.

Dockett: And he didn’t come back?

Kolb: Not yet.

Dockett: That was you playing last week?

Kolb: It was.

Dockett: But there wasn’t no interceptions or nothing.

Kolb: I know. I was happy about that.

Dockett: For real? No fooling, that was you?

Kolb: Yes.

Dockett: You serious?

Kolb: I am very serious.

[10 seconds of silence]

Dockett: Yo Whiz!

Ken Whisenhunt: Hey guys.

Dockett: Was this dude playing against the Patriots?

Whisenhunt: Oh yeah, that was him. Nice game, Kobe.

Kolb: It’s Kolb. Pronounced cobb, like –

Dockett: No shit?

Whisenhunt: That’s right.

Dockett: The whole game?

Whisenhunt: Yep.

Dockett: Dayum.

[10 more seconds of silence]

Dockett: All right. Well, keep on not f*cking up.

Whisenhunt: Gonna have to side with Darnell on this one.

Kolb: I’ll do my best.

Dockett: F*ck that. Just don’t f*ck up. I’mma remember you now, Colby.

Kolb: Kolb.

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