This Week’s KSK Commenter Draft: BACKLASH You Wish Would Arrive

05.28.10 7 years ago 487 Comments

I fucking hate Sex and the City with every fiber of my being and despise the world for allowing it a place to thrive and be adored. Every cunt on that show is like the worst girlfriend I ever had, magnified by twelve million. Spoiled, rotten, miserable people who’ll never be fucking happy because they’re such narcissistic pieces of shit. I fucking hate it and I hope a plane crashes into the set where SATC3 is filmed. That show and those movies make me not like women, and that is awful, because women are AWESOME. They’re cute and sweet and they’re adorable when they giggle and THESE PRADA WEARING WRINKLESLUTS ARE RUINING A WHOLE WONDERFUL GENDER.

Anyway… your job this week is to pick a backlash. Something loved and adored by all that you just wish would turn into a worldwide tidal wave of anger and loathing. It can be anything. A movie. A writer. A product. A foodstuff. A football player. A Bieber. Doesn’t matter. You draft it, THE BACKLASH BEGINS. I love backlashes. I live for them. Backlashes are like that first drink you get once the wedding ceremony is over. You just can’t wait for that thing.

So pick one thing, then wait 10 picks until you pick again. Now GO. Go wish your hate on others!

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