This Week’s KSK Commenter Draft: Yearbook Quotes

06.26.09 8 years ago 293 Comments

I had five quotes on my gay little yearbook page. Here they are:

So many idiots, so few bullets. –Andrew Dice Clay

Not as edgy as I used to think it was.

90% of everything is crap. –Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert didn’t actually say this quote. Some guy named Theodore Sturgeon did. Up that percentage to 100% when discussing electroclash records.

Do one thing and do it better than anyone –Orville Redenbacher

This is the only one I kinda like.

Random Joe Paterno Quote

I’m not even a Penn State fan. I have no clue why I included this.

Oh girl, that feeling of safety cries. Well it comes where the hard heart cries. You can’t shut up and risk everything, without losing the love that remains. We’re all riders on this train. –Bruce Springsteen

If you know your Spiringsteen, you know those lyrics are completely wrong. I fucked up the transcription, making this quote both meaningless and gay. People always fuck up by trying to include serious quotes on their yearbook page. I wouldn’t include any of those quotes on my yearbook page if I had to do it over again. I think you know damn well which one I’d use.


Your turn. Pick a quote. Just one. Once you pick a quote by some person, all of that person’s quotes go off the board. NO PK FOR YOU! Wait 10 picks until you choose again. Semper fudge, people.

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