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01.30.13 5 years ago 21 Comments


Falcons safety and occasional DX member Thomas DeCoud broke his middle finger in the regular season finale against the Buccaneers. He toughed it out through two playoff games with the injury, the extent of which he shared with followers on Instagram yesterday. Good thing he’s taking care of that. Don’t want to develop a permanent grotesque Brian Baldinger or Torry Holt digit.

— Marshall Faulk now claiming that the Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl because of cheating. That would have been a more useful admission when it was first reported the Pats taped the Rams walk-through, like, five years ago.

— Since people seem to be revisiting the idea of Art Modell making the Hall of Fame following his death, it’s worth revisiting the class-action lawsuit that the city filed against him before he moved the Browns to Baltimore to show what a dickhead he was.

— After stalking Rex Ryan during his vacation to the Bahamas and discovering his Nacho jersey tattoo, the New York Daily News embarked on a new Jets stalking adventure, this time trying to see if they could track down Tim Tebow in Arizona using only social media. It was a grand success. Lofty stalking, Daily News.

— Deion Sander’s daughter, Deiondra, is joining the Bikini Basketball League, despite her father’s protestations. Probably just revenge for naming her Deiondra.

— Joe Flacco is now endorsing Haribo gummy bears, a deal that entitles him to as many gummy bears as he likes. But what of the precious gummy Venus de Milo?

— The NFL probably fudged its referee grading system in order to get Jerome Boger to officiate the Super Bowl. I’d respect the league a lot more if they just said viewers are more interesting in hearing more “fags” on “hode-ing” plays.

— A look in the Wilson factory that makes the Super Bowl gameballs. Thanks, Rust Belt people!

— Rob Ryan reportedly turned down the Rams defensive coordinator job because he had misgivings about running a 4-3 scheme and because the team wouldn’t let him hire bring along any of his assistants, only three of which are midget prostitutes.

— For the low, low price of $3,000, you can watch the Super Bowl with Adam Schefter. Or, if you’re feeling thrifty, just ask your friend who spends all their time on Twitter to watch the game with you. Same experience.

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