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05.15.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

Some effective Native American trolling by this guy dressing up as the Redskins logo. Since it appears like he’s already in D.C., I propose he head down to the Mall in costume to visit the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian. They’d get a kick out of that.

– “30 for 30”, one of very few redeeming things that ESPN does, has been renewed for a second installment. Among the projects already planned is a documentary about Bo Jackson. I’m down, but still holding out for a full-length feature on Tecmo Bo’s exploits is other video game universes.

– Matt Leinart hilariously compares his career arc to Kurt Warner’s. Mentions that Warmer didn’t start a game until he was 28 and is now possibly Hall of Fame-bound. Keep the dream alive, brah.

– Eagles left tackle Jason Peters re-rupurted his right Achilles tendon last night, destroying any chance he had left to play this year. Worse still, the aggravation was caused by a faulty Roll-A-Bout. Oh, the indignity. What’s more, this proves that the beer scooter Gronk was using earlier in the off-season to rest his injured ankle is safer than an actual crutch.

– Because apparently people had been enjoying it too much, Chris Berman joined Twitter. He’ll do battle with Jim Irsay for the title of most classic rock lyrics tweeted by an old asshole. SB Nation gives us a sample of what else we can expect from Berman. My guess: the worst.

– If you’re in the market for 92 photos of Dolphins cheerleader tryouts, Busted Coverage can help you out with that.

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