Throw Your Vote Away, And Then Have That Vote Intercepted And Returned For A Touchdown

09.23.08 9 years ago 25 Comments

Via the screen-capturing genius of Awful Announcing comes news that the Green Party has found yet another populist asshole as its candidate of choice. I can only assume President Favre asked a tractor to be his running mate, and that Peter King has a wardrobe of blue dresses ready for Favre’s mighty gun stains.

Favre has already locked up the entire small town tardbilly demographic, which of course makes up 80% of the American electorate. They love him because he hunts, you see. Say, do you know the difference between a football dad and a pit bull? The pit bull isn’t a fucking idiot.

I look forward to Favre trying to bomb Iran, only to end up hitting New Zealand instead.

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