The “Tim Tebow To The Jags” Movement Has Hired A Plane To Fly Over The Colts/Jags Game

09.28.13 4 years ago 52 Comments


When we last left the “Tebow-Jags, Why Not?” movement, there were literally teens of them picketing outside EverBank Stadium, calling for Shad Khan to sign Tim Tebow off the streets  cul de sac in an effort to save the Jaguars franchise from tanking and moving to LA.

Unfortunately the the team and management weren’t even in Jacksonville last week, opting to stay on the West coast to prepare for their upcoming spit-roasting at the hands of the Seahawks. But this weekend they’re back in action and they’re playing for keeps.

I received a text from Stew, who you’ll recall is one of the organizers of the Jaguars Tebow Truther movement, alerting me to the fact that the group had purchased a billboard in downtown Jacksonville. He says there are two of them, and they’ve also made arrangements to have a plane fly over EverBank Stadium with a Tebow to the Jags banner during Sunday’s matchup against the Colts. What’s the sign going to say? Stew, as always played it cool. “You’ll have to watch the sky to find out my friend.” In other words Blaine Gabbert will spend more time reading it from his back on Sunday than Tebow himself spends in Deuteronomy.

Stew told me their marketing budget has increased significantly from $0 over the past week, “the site got a million hits. We have thousands pledging support” he claims. He says they’ve got an accountant working on it for some reason so he can’t tell me the exact number, but most of their donations have been $10 or less which isn’t all that shocking from a crowd that planned a 3:16 PM rally on a workday.

It should be noted that thousands of Jaguars fans hate the idea of bringing Tebow and the circus that comes with him to town, but unless they hire an “I’m with Stupid” plane to trail Stew’s bird, they’ll be the silent majority.

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