Tim Tebow Is An SEC-Speed Lumberjack. Let’s Photoshop Him.

04.22.14 3 years ago 58 Comments

One of those guys from Duck Dynasty that didn’t get kicked off the show spent Easter Monday with Tim Tebow, and now we have this: the most Tim Tebow picture ever tweeted, featuring Tebow taking an axe to a tree that… actually, the more you look at it, doesn’t it look like that tree is bleeding? Like Tebow is embedding the axe in a tree that somehow has human flesh? Yeah, this picture is all wrong. We should fix it. So let’s have a photoshop party. Take that glorious image, and when you’re done, email it to kissingsuzykolber@gmail.com along with the name you want displayed. We’ll collect the best ones and share ’em with you next week.

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