Titus Young Got That Hat Trick

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05.13.13 24 Comments

“Three! Three arrests!”

Remember when Titus Young was all like, “Hey Detroit Lions, I’m better than Calvin Johnson, so you either need to give me the ball or release me!” and the Lions were like, “LOL, okay” and they released him? Sure, we all do. None more than Young, probably, who has had the kind of week that is probably making Fox Sports 1 executives wish that their parent network had kept Cops instead of letting it go to Spike.

First, the former Boise State standout was arrested last Sunday on suspicion of drunk driving. On that same day, he was arrested a second time when he scaled the fence at the impound lot to steal back his Ford Mustang. And apparently nary a lesson was learned that day, because Young was arrested for a third time (in one week!!!) on Saturday morning, and he was charged with burglary, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

Young was arrested early Saturday after police responded to a 911 burglary call from a house on the 3700 block of Calle Casino in San Clemente, Calif., Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Lt. Joe Balicki told NFL.com on Sunday.

Balicki said Young was outside when police arrived, and after “a brief foot pursuit,” Young was arrested by deputies.

“They chased him down,” Balicki said to NFL.com. “There were some punches thrown, some kicks, but there was no Tasering.” (Via NFL.com)

So what is going to happen to this once-promising, oft-maligned talent? You know, aside from possible jailtime. I think the answer is pretty obvious.

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