TO Week Flashback: Barry Switzer, American Dumbass

10.05.06 11 years ago 12 Comments

Look, we at KSK don’t really like TO. No, really. But the handle for previewing this Cowboys-Eagles game as “TO Week” is just so damn catchy, I feel compelled to refer to every previous renewal of this rivalry as “TO Week.” Know what I mean? No? Fuck it then.

So this is the 1995 game in Philly when the Cowboys, defending two-time Super Bowl Champs, came into The Vet in week 15. The Eagles had sucked a fine cock the previous year (starting 7-2 and losing out to finish 7-9) and were looking to lock up a playoff spot and a big divsion win.

This clip is the notorious 4th-and-a-foot debacle, and it’s a fine example of what happens when you’re used to coaching a Super Bowl team by, essentially, not coaching. But it may not help if you allegedly were hired solely based on the quality of fellatio you could provide to your owner/general manager/control freak boss.



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