Tom Benson Shows Off His Super Bowl Ring to Herr Pope

05.12.11 7 years ago 38 Comments

He told Benedict that he and Gayle were from New Orleans. Benedict responded warmly. He was pleased, attentive; his English was good.

Benson was wearing his championship ring from the Saints 2009 Super Bowl season, the big one with the diamonds and the fleur de lis — the one that, in its way, symbolized the resurrection of New Orleans.

“I said to him I’d like to show you my ring,” Benson recalled Wednesday.

A Vatican picture captures the moment, with the leader of 2 billion Catholics bending slightly to examine the proffered Super Bowl ring. A couple of cardinals are close by.
“I told him what it was, you know? It’s a Super Bowl ring. And he understood that, right, darling?” Benson said to Gayle in an interview at Saints training camp.

I have to say, that takes balls. Creole crawfish balls.

[NOLA via Cajun Boy]

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