Tone Ain’t Care

03.30.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

From all accounts, the Jets clubhouse is still in disarray, with pussytubing morale apparently at an all-time low. Revis said the atmosphere is frayed among the team, so of course the New York media wants to pounce on every Jets player to make sure they echo the comments and stir the pot a little more. Santonio Holmes is an obvious target, since he let it be known at the end of last season that he had enough with Nacho sucking. He was also outwardly annoyed about getting benched the last game of the season. Anyway, reporters pressed him for a reaction to the Tim Tebow trade and Tone gave too much real talk for everyone to handle.

“The media don’t make me and the media don’t break me,” Holmes told the Daily News, tapping his chest and extending his arms. “I’m Santonio Holmes . . . and that’s it.”

“He didn’t really care (about the trade),” said one player who trains with Holmes in Orlando. “ ‘Tone’ just wants the ball.”

Santonio could have probably handled that a little bit more diplomatically, but he’s being set up for failure either way. He says he’s excited about the trade and writers are gonna assume he’s trying to undermine Sanchez again. If he voices disapproval, all the Tebowtards will accuse him of being a hater and a bad teammate. Out of those options, inviting Florio to snicker and make stupid Keyshawn Johnson jokes might be the best possible option.

In other news, Gregg Easterbrook is busy writing an essay about how Santonio’s brand of ME-FIRST GLORY BOYISM is even more likely to get you killed than wearing hoodies.

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