Tonight on SportsCenter:ESPN gives away Wisconsin heritage

07.02.08 9 years ago 39 Comments

My hometown is a finalist for ESPN’s TitleTown award. While we Louisvillians are grateful for whatever non-dead-horse related sports publicity we can garner, I’m pretty sure the Titletown designation got hashed out in Green Bay’s favor over forty years ago. Is this second capitalized “T” supposed to make if different somehow? Do the Packers’ accomplishments mean less since they happened before ESPN was created?

Green Bay is not completely screwed yet. They are also a “finalist” for ESPN’s version of the appellation. But why should they have to “win” something that’s been theirs exclusively for decades? Do I sound indignant? Am I doing this right? Are you sick of rhetorical questions?

Here’s a look at some other nicknames and honorifics that ESPN will be pretending to have the authority to put to a public vote in the near future:

  • City of Brotherly Love
  • Funkytown
  • President Emeritus of the Nashville Auto-Diesel College
  • Dr. J
  • Original bass player for Metallica
  • Footsteps Falco
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