Tonight, we reached Peak Jay Cutler

12.15.14 3 years ago 39 Comments

Tonight, in front of a national television audience during Monday Night Football, we achieved something we didn’t think possible: we reached Peak Jay Cutler. At halftime, Cutler’s QB rating was 14.1. FOURTEEN POINT ONE. He slung the ball around to the tune of multiple interceptions and made the Saints, themselves a tire fire this season, look like a Super Bowl contender. And during a play in tonight’s game, as Cutler approached the line pre-snap, trying to call signals, we got there, we had the most Cutler moment that ever Cutlered as Smokin’ Jay exclaimed to his line and everyone, “Dammit.”

This could be the moment at which Jay reaches rock bottom and there may be not escape as he seems to barely be trying out there, even with a fourth quarter touchdown pass to end the shutout. And it’s not going unnoticed.

But if you’re a Bears fan, fear not, there’s a new movement afoot to buy out Cutler’s contract, one $15 donation at a time. Good luck with that.



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