Tony Romo Pays Homage to Late 90s Cinema With Latest Derp

11.03.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Let’s set the scene, shall we? It’s late in a Cowboys game, Dallas is driving, and Tony Romo is calling the shots.  The score is uncomfortably close, as it usually is toward the end of Cowboys games. And we’re only seconds away from this week’s GIF du jour, as we usually are toward the end of Cowboys games.

So here we are. The Cowboys, after coughing up a 20-10 lead during the past 25 minutes, have driven back into the red zone. Merely minutes prior, Romo had thrown a potentially game-wrecking interception, but the Vikings being the Vikings, he finds himself with another shot late. Because of course he does.

Dallas, now in tying field goal range, has a few shots at the end zone to try and limp away with a win. The Cowboys are coming out of a timeout, and suddenly you can feel it, can’t you? That tingling, instinctive whisper inside your ear that “This is it, this is when it happens. Something crazy is about to go down.”

Then, it went down. Tony Romo, hearing those same whispers, went back to pass. The play was busted. So he fired that fucking pigskin.

At the ref.

But it’s a Cowboys game, after all, and like a box of chocolates or opening the lavatory door on Jerry Jones’ private jet, you never know what you’re gonna get. While the next play could have easily been a left-handed pass to a into the Victoria Secret store, Romo kept his composure. He found Dwayne Harris in the end zone for a touchdown, and the Cowboys took the lead back for good.

They did leave Christian Ponder 35 seconds, which was enough time for him to generate the most Vikings ending to a game imaginable:

Hard as it may be to comprehend given that GIF, the Cowboys are actually 5-4 and sitting comfortably atop the NFC East. They’ll take their show on the road next Sunday to face exiled defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and the Saints in a primetime match-up. That’s a recipe for DERP you don’t wanna miss.

(GIF c/o @CorkGaines)

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