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Easily the most intimidating Volkswagen you’ll see today, unless of course you happen to drive by some storm troopers on your way through Nazi Germany.

The Bog‘s Dan Steinberg returned from his vacation in style with a trip to M&T Bank (actually a quicker commute from WaPo headquarters than FedEx Field), and he brought his camera along to document the local creatures of interest.

You do not fuck with a guy carrying a length of plastic purple chain.

The rest of that sign reads “dignity”.

And before you say it, yes, I am just bitter that the Redskins suck a big fat cock. Check out the Bog for more fun, including Baltimore’s best hope at the Miss Maryland pageant and a Cobra Commander who is too cold to open his beer.

P.S. Steinz includes a nugget from chief Snyder shill Larry Michael…

I heard Minister of Disinformation Larry Michael on the radio yesterday afternoon, complaining that the parking in Baltimore is so much more scattered than at FedEx Field.

He then went on to criticize the Ravens for serving reasonably priced beer, failing to decorate their portable shitters in color of the stadium’s sponsor, and for it’s utter lack of a cigar bar. Die in a fire.

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