Undrafted Linebacker Chooses Evil Over Injury

05.15.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

One of Peter King’s Tryout Guys, Andrew Sweat, an undrafted linebacker from Ohio State, said that rather than report to camp with the Browns and risk possibly dealing with a lifetime of lingering concussion issues, Sweat instead is going to law school. More troubling fallout from the Junior Seau suicide or is it simply the best way to dodge having to play for the Browns ever? It’s only a possibility because Peyton Hillis didn’t actually follow through with joining the CIA.

Deadspin’s Jack Dickey gave Sweat a bit of the ol’ snarky snark blogger grief, only for Sweat to respond directly, saying that he’s gonna do just fine as a lawyer ’cause he’s got a sweet-ass connect at his daddy’s law firm. Just spitballing here, but I’m gonna ahead and guess that he ends up being commissioner one day.

The episode reminds me of the Scott Sicko story from two years back, in which an undrafted tight end turned down contracts from five teams because he said he wanted to pursue his Master’s. Sportswriters muscled each other like shoppers on Black Friday to suck him off for the decision. Then, Sicko proceeded to change his mind and sign with the Cowboys days later. I can only hope this plays out similarly.

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