UPDATE: This Is What Happens When You Stop Selling Beer

11.17.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

If you’re an NFL fan trapped in a stadium concourse, options are limited. You can either 1) start drinking at a far more rapid pace than you would have otherwise or 2) come up with creative ways to pass the time. And if you’ve ever been to an NFL game, you know both options are fundamentally flawed.

So when Soldier Field concession stands were shut down earlier this afternoon due to an overwhelming run on beer, which presents plenty of security risks, that only left one option. And a whole new set of security risks, judging by the performance of this Ravens fan.

To top the whole thing off, he’s wearing a Terrell Suggs jersey. Which means he probably ran on the field as a form of protest against Roger Goodell, who was obviously responsible for manipulating the weather patterns in Chicago today.

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