USC sets Lane Kiffin free, eyes Del Rio again

09.29.13 4 years ago 7 Comments


Really, no one saw this coming, apparently not even Lane Kiffin who was pulled off the USC team bus after last night’s blowout loss to Arizona State and promptly fired. Someone who views the glass as half-empty might feel bad for Kiffin. But a half-glass full person would recognize the opportunity present for Kiffin to now don some jorts, return to the NFL – say, in Jacksonville – and ride Tim Tebow like a majestic Jesus unicorn to hollow victories over the Titans twice a year, pissing off all those Vols fans who still burn Kiffin dolls in effigy.

Also, you’d feel good for Jack Del Rio who seemingly chose to stay in Jacksonville rather than accept an offer to coach USC that he denies ever receiving in 2010. Because Del Rio, who’s busy duct-taping together a depleted Broncos defense, has already come up as a candidate while USC AD Pat Haden is still searching for a tar pit to dump Kiffin’s body in.

Meanwhile, Kiffin has already landed a new job as Brownie, the revived elfin Cleveland mascot.

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