Vick Ballard Runs, He Slides…

02.27.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

MMQB hasn’t been posted yet, so your weekly PK bashing will be running a little behind. In the meantime, here’s a quick Monday morning breakfast nugget to tide you over. Obviously, the combine is in full swing, with the NFL world busy obsessing about tangibles, such as a player’s height and 40 time, only so they can be disregarded in favor of intangibles, like heartiness and how likely a player is to be an architect in a columnist-constructed alternate reality, come draft time. Like most NFL things, it’s a highly regimented process where any amount of chaos is very much appreciated. So when Mississippi State running back running back Vick Ballard did a tripod plant running the 40, it was like manna from wherever it is manna comes from. The Internet acted accordingly, posting screencaps and GIFs of the fall. I proposed the idea that a video of Ballard’s spill would be enhanced by the theme to Crocodile Mile, because such an idea would combine two of my favorite things:

1. The misfortune of others
2. Crocodile Mile

To their everlasting credit, SB Nation heeded the call and put together the video. I will treasure it always.

Moving along, it’s the morning after the Academy Awards, so we’re obligated to discuss how much it sucked. Between Billy Crystal blackface, J.Lo nip slip freakout and the fact that they left Macho Man out of the death reel (I made my own for him) there was already a lot to hate, but then Robert Downey went and Tebowed. Guhhh. I don’t care if it was only done to be another zany presenter, I’m never seeing another one of his movies, unless the trailer looks promising or he’s Iron Man.

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