Von Miller Drives Without A License, Gets Arrested Woo

08.14.13 4 years ago 23 Comments
My driving record is pretty obscure, you probably haven't heard of it.

My driving record is pretty obscure, you probably haven’t heard of it.

Von Miller has had a pretty rad offseason so far after getting suspended 4 games for using a drug that isn’t a PED but we can’t say what it is fine he’s popping mollies.  Apparently Von’s lack of attention detail carries encompasses both his drug regimen and his driving record:

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. – Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller was arrested Sunday at the Centennial Gun Club on a failure to appear warrant.

Court records show Miller, 24, was arrested for not appearing at his court hearing on a charge from last October when he was cited for careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

The arrest warrant was issued in January. There’s no word why he was not arrested sooner.

That’s like the most boring gun club arrest ever.  Still, I like to imagine the black helicopter gun nuts like Dale Gribble scrambled like roaches in a flashlight when they saw the cops coming.  Regardless, Von Miller’s lousy driving record has no bearing on the NFL season, other than the inevitable Pro Football Talk post castigating him.  Let’s play a game: predict the last line of Florio’s article on Miller.  I’ll start.

“If Von Miller continues to see the inside of jail cells, it becomes more and more unlikely he’ll see the field for the Broncos again.”

Yours in the comments!

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