Warren Sapp Went Lobster Fishing And Got Bit By A Shark

07.27.16 1 year ago

warren sapp

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Warren Sapp and a few of his friends seemed like they had a nice Wednesday afternoon planned. They got on a boat and went lobster fishing, which is probably a good time because lobster fishing sounds like a relaxing activity and if you get a big haul, you get to eat a bunch of delicious lobster for a few days.

Sapp ran into one problem: while he was out fishing, he crossed the path of a shark. Apparently, the shark didn’t like that Sapp was invading into his territory, so it did what any shark would do: bite the hell out of Sapp and leave a nasty gash.

Sapp said that the shark won because he wasn’t able to catch it, meaning that it got a piece of him and then managed to swim away. This is a far cry from his days in the NFL, when no one who crossed Sapp got away from him.

He also decided to post a picture of his shark bite onto his Instagram account. While it’s better than, say, having his arm bit clean off by a shark, it’s still pretty gross. If that disclaimer wasn’t enough to turn you away, you can check it out right here.

That’s really nasty, right? At the very least, Sapp gets to say that he got bit by a shark and was, for the most part, fine, so he got one hell of a story out of the whole thing. He also got to have lobster for dinner, so at least he had a good meal on Wednesday night.

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