Warren Sapp’s New Judge Show is Finally Here

06.26.12 33 Comments

The existence of Warren Sapp’s new daytime judge show has already been pointed out by KSK’s Top Banana, but I am very, VERY pleased to announce that the first clips are now online. FINALLY. If you, like me, have been sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, saying things like “Oh boy, I can’t wait for Warren Sapp’s new judge show. Ohboyohboyoboy. I hope the first two segments they post on YouTube are titled something preposterous like ‘Hair Weave Mix-Up’ and ‘Sex for Rent.’ That would be great,” you are in for a real treat, because those are their exact titles and I’ve posted them below. They’re kind of like if you took “Judge Mathis” and replaced him with … well, with Warren Sapp. I suppose there’s not really an analogy that works here.

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