Washington Redskins assault rifle more accurate than their shotgun

04.29.14 4 years ago 108 Comments


*Washington Bullet’s sold seperatley

The libtards over at the “DC (PC) Sports Bog” posted a picture of a really cool Redskins gun this morning. This gun actually reminds me alot of the Lombardi trophy since your apparently not allowed to posses either one in Washington DC.

Honestly Id much rather support Andrew Luck then RG3 and buy a Indinapolis Colt .45 then go through a RG3-day waiting period,, but at least you can buy yourself a .308 caliber rifle even if you cant have a Elite caliber QB fokls. Nothern Virginia police officers should regard the weapon just like they should be treating Griffin himself in a traffic stop- treat both like there always loaded.

I made this cool flag desing for fans to show there support for the Redskins team name and also stocking heavy fire arms and not being PC. This flag realy sums up my belief process and is also technically a venn diagram for people youd want to hang out with.


If whatever companys making this gun hasnt been acquired by D’eSean Jackson yet,, they should start diversfying and making tomahawks and backhoes like real Indians use to use back in the day. Another thing the rifle and redskins have in common is that its pointless to own either one as long as a guy name Bradys hanging around.

All in all though this is a very cool thing to own and if I was aloud to own a gun legally I would buy it. In fact the NFL should look to sell a line of weapons called “Protecting the Shield” where they could New England patriots theme muskets and a Dallas Cowboys pistol that allows the owner to consistently shoot himself in the foot.


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