Watch Ocho Fall Out Of A Cat’s Ass

06.13.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

There have been countless memorable takes on topical events from the Taiwanese animators over at NMA Media, but there are few visuals from them I’ve enjoyed more than having a tiger-striped house cat sh*t Chad Ochocinco into a litter box following by Chad dancing around like he just scored a touchdown. I’ll admit my expectations weren’t high when this got deposited in my inbox, but it might be one of their more delightfully insane efforts to date.

The video also featurea Chad being executed by the Patriots’ colonial firing squad, a preferred method of Boston daahhhkie elimination. The clip then touches upon the Dolphins appearing on “Hard Knocks” and does this by having the devil steal the soul of a guy wearing Dolphins shirt and a cheesehead. Are the Taiwanese under the impression that the cheesehead is a custom adopted by all NFL fans and not just the Packers? If so, it’s high time for a little cultural outreach.

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