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02.21.13 5 years ago 26 Comments

Oh noes, Tim Tebow had to cancel his planned April 28 appearance at First Baptist Church of Dallas just because the lead preacher there has denounced3 the gays, the Jews, the Muslims and pretty much anyone who isn’t a batsh*t evangelical. There’s been significant outcry since Tebow’s appearance at the $123 million megachurch was first announced, but Teebs went on Twitter this morning to announce his cancellation by saying these claims of intolerance are all new things that were just brought to his attention.

Not sure why Teebs would want to alienate the crazy religious crowd now. Since no NFL team wants to burden itself with Jesusback, the tent revival tour is his best remaining future career route.

— ESPN’s president confirmed Ray Lewis will have a significant on-air presence on the tWWL in the 2013 season. I look forward to Ray-Ray changing the name of “C’mon Man” to “TRICKS OF THE DEVIL”.

— Peyton Manning is texting Dwight Freeney about being the latest old-ass former Colts player to come to Denver. To sweeten the offer, Manning just went ahead and subscribed Freeney to instant Papa John’s deals over the phone (JUST ENTER OFFER CODE ‘PEYPEY’ FOR SAVINGS!).

— Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman are Twitter beefing about who’s the best and the swaggist of all shutdown corners. The Jets and the Seahawks don’t play each other next year, so this can only be resolved by a careful vetting of statistics. That’s always a much sexier fight resolution than direct competition.

— Two Redskins fans with similar taste in cars and unimaginative RGIII vanity plates found each other. It’s such a small commonwealth down in Virginny.

— Josh Brent was going at least 110 mph when he killed his teammate and friend in his drunk driving crash last year, according to the police report. So that decision for the Cowboys to have Brent on the sideline a week after it happened is still looking like a sound one.

— Gronk was back to partying in Vegas this week. Wait, Gronk wasn’t sorry about partying at all, was he? Oh, we’ve been lied to through shirt.

— Cam Newton helped a guy awkwardly propose to his girlfriend on a Charlotte radio station. Much nicer than the planned stunt with Steve Smith, where he intimidates people into marrying strangers.

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